Sales and Refunds

ZOT Bowling Parts, Inc., Warranty

ZOT Pinsetter Parts, Inc., Warrants products to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal conditions of use and service.  The obligation of ZOT Pinsetter Parts, Inc., Under this warranty, being limited to making good, at the factory, any part manufactured by ZOT Pinsetter Parts, Inc., which shall include the following warranties:

  • ZOT’s Standard Warranty will be one (1) year after delivery to the original purchaser
  • ZOT’s ColorSplash Warranty will be two (2) year’s after delivery to the original purchaser
  • ZOT’s Dynamic & Pinnacle Parts Warranty will be three (3) year’s after delivery to the original purchaser.
  • ZOT’s Electronics Repair Warranty will be 90 Days.

All parts must be returned to the factory of ZOT Pinsetter Parts, Inc., with transportation charges paid.

Except as herein provided, there is no warrant, express, or implied and none shall be implied by law and ZOT Pinsetter Parts, Inc., expressly denies on the part of any person or entity to incur or assume, for ZOT Pinsetter Parts, Inc. any other liability in connection with the sale of any ZOT products.

ZOT Policies and Procedures - Warranty Returns:

ZOT Pinsetter Parts, Inc., offers a one-year Factory Direct Warranty Exchange on any defective product.  Our Factory Direct Warranty Exchange procedure is as follows:

  • Call ZOT toll-free at 877-236-8505 ask for an RGA number.
  • ZOT will ship replacement product.
  • ZOT will issue an invoice for the replacement product.
  • ZOT will issue a Credit (against item three above) once the defective product has been returned and received.

Special Orders Policy:

Orders for custom, or customized products, and/or packaging, cannot be altered, adjusted, or canceled.  Special Orders do not qualify under the returned goods policy.

Returned Goods Policy:

All returns for credit must have prior authorization.  The products must be listed in the current catalogue and be in saleable condition.  Return Goods Policy as follows:

  1. You must contact ZOT for an RGA number and prepay all shipping costs.
  2. Acceptance of the return is subject to the amount of abuse and misuse of the product, and these returns are separate to products returned under warranty.
  3. There will be a minimum 15% restocking charge on all returns and additional charges if the products require reworking as a result of misuse or abuse.
  4. Special orders do not qualify under Returned Goods Policy.  (See special orders policy).

Short Shipment Policy:

If any products have been inadvertently short shipped, ZOT’s Customer Service Department must be notified within seven days of receiving the order.  Providing the above mentioned seven-day qualification has been met, ZOT will either ship the missing products or issue a credit.  It is not acceptable to deduct the value of the missing products from the invoice.

Breakage, Damage, Loss of Goods:

All shipments leave ZOT’s warehouse in good condition.  In the event of breakage and/or damage, you should contact ZOT’s Customer Service Department.  The carrier will probably send someone to inspect the package.  It is important to retain all interior and exterior packaging materials until the claim is resolved.  You should also contact ZOT’s Customer Service Department if a shipment does not arrive.

Electronics Repair

ZOT offers a repair service for electronic products (e.g., ZOT PC Boards, Chassis, etc.). The following outlines the procedures to facilitate a repair:

  1. Call ZOT to arrange for an RGA Number
  2. When you call for the RGA number please tell us what product you are sending for repair.
  3. Package the product for shipping and write the RGA Number clearly on the box.
    Ship the product to ZOT at your expense. NOTE: we suggest you use a shipping service that will provide a tracking number. E.g., UPS, FEDEX, USPS, etc.
  4. Once the repair is complete, we will return the product and invoice you for the repair fee and the return shipping cost.
  5. The Warranty on repaired electronic products is