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Universal Time Delay-Plus-Module

ZOT Foul Detector Systems are the first choice with Proprietors and Center Mechanics alike. No other manufacturer or supplier offers a Foul Detector Unit that even comes close in terms of Features and Benefits.

Design Features

A 4-unit LED system indicates signal strength; which aids the installer and /or mechanic in the alignment of the sensors. All the individual components simply plug onto the PC Board; making troubleshooting and the replacement of parts simple. Built for subway ball returns, serving two-lanes, the Wizard ‘Plus’ fits under most major brands of existing wide ball return covers. The ZOT Enhanced PC Board simply plugs into the existing equipment; with no modification necessary.

Technical Features

The ZOT Wizard Plus features an infrared sensor that is solid-state and rated for millions of hours of dependable service. Infrared sensors eliminate old incandescent bulbs. ZOT’s microprocessor automatically checks the sensors every time there is a foul. ZOT’s infrared design features a special operational frequency for its emitter and receiver communications. Matching this frequency eliminates being affected by alternate light sources: e.g. overhead lighting; and cosmic/glow lighting.

Cost Benefits

Feature for Feature… Dollar for Dollar ZOT’s Foul Detectors, Covers and Conversion products are the best deal available in the marketplace. Big savings can be realized when you purchase ZOT’s Foul Detector and Covers package compared to purchasing the components separately. ZOT’s Metal Foul Detector Covers are durable, will withstand bowler abuse, and won’t crack like plastic covers from the various original manufacturers. ZOT’s Foul Detector Covers are Powder Coated in Black; the most durable finish available to resist scratching and scuff marks.


ZOT Wizard Foul Detector units transmit the proper signal needed to communicate with automatic scoring systems. Changing the signal is as easy as flipping a switch. ZOT Wizard Foul Units will alert the mechanic to pending problems. Four different sequences of buzzer signals can occur if the unit has a failure; allowing the mechanic to troubleshoot. ZOT’s Wizard Plus can be disabled remotely lane-by-lane (e.g., from the front desk) in centers with compatible scoring systems. A 4-unit LED system indicates signal strength, assisting the installer and/or mechanic in aligning the sensors.

Additional Wizard

Products While ZOT’s Wizard Foul Detectors have been synonymous to ZOT for decades there are a wide variety of additional electronic systems that fall under the Wizard brand name too. For example, ZOT’s ET 2001 Two-Lane Triggering, a Universal Time Delay Module that can also generate triggering with the addition of an Infrared Sensor Kit, an Electronic Gear Box Trip and Electronic Rake Trip for A2 Pinsetters, and a Power Ball Lift Relay Box, to name but a few. All of ZOT’s Wizard Electronics are State-ofthe Art and bring the same high degree of technology and cost savings that are the driving force behind ZOT’s line of Wizard Foul Detector.