Not Just Replacements... But Improvements

Solutions Into image

THE ZOT Solutions line of parts and assemblies have been at the core of the company’s line since it was founded more than five decades ago. These products provide improvements to the original manufacturers’ design as unique problem-solving products that offer a quick repair during a crisis breakdown and, at the same time, provide a permanent solution.

Design Features 

For the most part, the Solutions line is designed to keep your machines running in tip-top condition. As an example, the Deck Right Deck Saver will permanently resolve crowned decks while the, often imitated, ZOT Three-Piece Modular Rake Shaft Assembly features reinforcements at potential breakpoints that are not included on the original manufacturers’ product or any other aftermarket brand. The ZOT product will outlast other brands by years and even decades.

Safety in the Workplace

The line includes safety products like Steel Steps that mount on the rear of 82-70 and 82-90 Pinspotters. And a Catwalk Handle for A, A2 and Jetback Pinsetters, which makes climbing onto the machine easier and therefore safer. And, many centers no longer have an electrical box cover, which has been removed to enable access to the electronics and never replaced. ZOT’s Electrical Box Cover features a latched panel that drops down for easy access and provides a place to rest tools while the mechanic works on the electronics.

Repair Kits

ZOT offers several unique problem-solving repair kits, all of which are bolt-on solutions as opposed to, in some instances, requiring hazardous on or off the machine welding. There are eight such repair kits in the catalog including for the Deck Shield, Wheel Guard Bracket, Shaker Pulley Arm, Rake Return Pivot, Wishbone and Tri-Plate Bushing.

Cost Benefits

Having a product like the Rake Arm Repair Kit, will have a Pinsetter back up and running in just minutes, whereas Tiger Grip Strips, Accelerator Support Kit and the Power Ball Spin Eliminator will ensure bowling balls are returned to the bowler without hindrance or delay, thereby not slowing down the pace of bowling. These all add to customer satisfaction and reduce the loss of revenue during down times.