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ZOT Evolution products are a fine line of Electronic Control Systems and related products for 82-70 and 82-30 Pinspotters that are the first choice of Proprietors and Mechanics looking to replace and/or improve on like products from the original manufacturer. For the most part these products offer features and benefits not found in the original manufacturer’s product.


ZOT’s line of electronic products for Pinspotters, namely the Ultra Pro & Control All Chassis, the 5 to 1 Board Conversion, the MP PC Control Board for 82-70 Pinspotters, and the Solid State MP Air Chassis for 82-30 Pinspotters include most, if not all, of the following.

Technical Features

The 82-70 Ultra Pro & Control-All Chassis, 5 to 1 PC Board and MP Board for 82-70 Pinspotters, and the Solid-State MP Chassis for 82-30’s are Microprocessor Efficient with State-of-the-Art technology to simplify the circuits and require Less Power. A Reset/Program Zero feature enables zeroing the chassis memory; and the Scoring Interface is compatible with most major brands of automatic scoring. The Short Cycle feature allows some scoring systems to communicate a strike preventing the table from dropping to feel for pins. And they are Pindication Capable, for centers that have mask units with pindication feature.

Additional Features

The Chassis for 82-70 and 82-30 Pinspotters also has the following features and benefits: Power and Diagnostic LED’s indicate the following when illuminated: Power, Instruct-O-Mat, Continuous Cycle, Scoring Communication, Gripper Protect, Bin Switch, Off Spot, Pin Lights, indicates that individual Gripper Switches, SA & SB, TA1 & TA2, Sweep Reverse, Table Run, 1st and 2nd Ball. Note: Features that are unique to any product are included on the appropriate product page.

Cost Benefits

Feature for Feature, Dollar for Dollar, the ZOT line of electronic products for Pinspotters are the best available in the Industry. They are Feature Rich, Easy to Install, and enable mechanics to better service Pinspotters bypassing the front desk controls. And the OSHA Friendly Ultra Pro & Control All Chassis includes controls that mount on the back of the Pinspotter, making it the Safest Pinspotter Controller in the industry.