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VersaLamp Lane Lighting

ColorSplash Top Five Benefits

  1. Long Life – Rated for 80,000 hrs of operation. That’s up to 17 years if your lights are on 12-hours a day, 7-days a week.
  2. Energy Savings – Operating at 80% efficiency. Based upon the watts to lumens ratio, this means you will save $80 on every $100 spent over conventional lighting.
  3. Ecologically Friendly – Free of toxic materials. This means you can reduce your carbon footprint by up to one third.
  4. Quality – Extremely durable construction. They are resistant to shock, vibrations, and external impacts.
  5. Design Flexibility – Highly efficient illumination with dynamic controls. Being able to achieve fantastic lighting effects.

VersaLamp Features

  • Available in Single & Double Tube Models
  • VL485F-1 Single Tube Model Power Consumption 11 Watts @ 120V
  • VL485F-2 Double Tube Model Power Consumption 22 Watts @ 120V
  • Versatile electrical input of 100-240 volt, 50/60 Hz with LED Lane light 
    self-switching to the correct voltage. 
  • Rated at 80,000 hour led tube life.
  • Operating Mode works with DMX/DMX512 & ARTNET Controllers
  • White LED Color Temperature: 4000K
  • Ultra Violet LED: 395nm
  • Output Angle: 180 Degrees
  • Fixture Length: 48 inches
  • Replace all Fluorescent Tubes: T12, T8, T5
  • Patent No: US 10,299, 351 82
  • UL Listed: E505419, E500744, E500743

Pindeck Lighting 

Effect and Colors

ColorSplash has the ability to produce over 15 million colors and special effects to enhance your bowlers’ experience while maintaining the integrity of league bowling in the white light mode. The effects can be fully controlled by DMX512; the most versatile and the international standard in LED lighting controls.

Revenue Generator

Not only can ColorSplash save you money; it can increase revenue. How you may ask? One ColorSplash customer decided to hold a Cancer Awareness Fund Raiser and match the Pindeck light color to their pink ribbon. It was a great success. Another customer ran a 4th of July tournament and made the lanes red, white, and blue. 

VersaCap Division Cap Lighting 

ColorSplash VeraCap LED Lighting System is the most unique bowling cap lighting system available. The system provides full-color RGB (red, green & blue) LED lighting. Bright LED lamps create millions of color combinations and limitless lighting effects. The system is operated by a DMX lighting controller. colored effects and patterns can be specific to a single lane or any combination of lanes. The system is delivered fully programmed with custom programming available and installation is a snap with minimal expertise needed. System designed for any number of lanes.

VersaCap Division Cap Lighting
VersaLamp Lane Lighting
Pindeck Lighting