Get Right To The Good Parts

ZOT A Parts cover

Throughout the years technicians and mechanics have relied on ZOT Pinsetter Parts as a valuable resource for problem solving products and problem-solving solutions.  Founded in 1964, ZOT is well established as a manufacturer and supplier of unique problem solving electronic and mechanical parts and assemblies for centers equipped with A, A2 and Jetback pinsetters – products which are frequently the preferred choice of proprietors worldwide.


We are now pleased to offer an extensive line of parts for A, A2 and Jetback pinsetters under the brand name: ZOT Bowling Parts. ZOT Bowling parts are designed with mechanics needs in mind and to provide the highest quality aftermarket parts available in the industry. All of our parts are extensively field tested by mechanics for form, fit and function. If a part doesn’t pass our field test, we don’t offer it to the bowling market.

Product Features & Benefits

We have chosen parts like the Pinnacle Double CC Cogged Belt and the Pinnacle Molded Powerlift Track. This belt is cogged on both sides for increased flexibility and belt life.  It has a specific bevel cut to ensure proper incline for pin delivery.  Not to mention this part is made and branded exclusively for ZOT Bowling Parts.  The Powerlift Track is molded to fit directly into the metal track and bolts right in.  Made from high-performance oil resistant urethane with more ball surface contact to give you optimum performance and extended life.

High-Quality Control

We have taken the time to ensure that all of our parts meet exacting standards so you can rest assured that the ZOT part you are putting in your machine will perform to your expectations. All of our urethane guide rollers are made with high grade thermoset material. All the metal hubs go through a specific cleaning process and are prepared with a bonding agent to ensure a long-lasting bond. Then placed into an oven at 212F.  Once removed, Quality Control rechecks the specifications and finish for accuracy and quality.  These guide rollers have been a mechanic favorite for over a decade.

Value Added Products

Our featured line of Pinnacle parts stand alone as solid, proven performers over the years.  You will see in the catalogue in the parts description Pinnacle denoting this is one of our value-added parts. The Pinnacle line includes an offer that is exclusively from ZOT Bowling Parts. The Pinnacle Deck Chute. These have been around for 25 years’ and they have been a leading choice for mechanics in the industry. With parts offering like these we are providing you with the best value and the best performing parts.