Not Just Replacements... But Improvements

070 002 808 - Spotting Cup Assy.

Z000 000 203 ASM Dynamic Quick Release Cushion Support

Z070 006 117 Dynamic Concentric Bearing

Z000 024 663-52 Pinnacle Pinnacle Red Rider Rail Cover

Throughout the years technicians and mechanics have relied on ZOT Pinsetter Parts as a valuable resource for problem-solving products and problem-solving solutions.  Founded in 1964, ZOT is well established as a manufacturer and supplier of unique problem solving electronic and mechanical parts and assemblies for centers equipped with 82-30, 82-70 and 82-90 pinspotters—products which are frequently the preferred choice of proprietors worldwide.


We are pleased to offer an even more expanded line of parts for 82-30, 82-70 and 82-90 pinspotters under the brand name: ZOT Bowling Parts. ZOT Bowling Parts are designed with mechanics needs in mind and to provide the highest quality aftermarket parts available in the industry.  All of our parts are extensively field tested by mechanics for form, fit and function.  If a part doesn’t pass our field test, we don’t offer it to the bowling market

Product Features & Benefits

We have chosen parts like the Spotting Cup Assembly which includes the cup and all the necessary installation hardware.  These are heavy duty and feature a reengineered casting which makes them easier to adjust.  Durability is another important benefit we strive for in developing parts.  Parts such as the Red Rider rail cover, for example, which is oil resistant, long lasting and generates positive ball returns.  No more yo-yoing balls creating problems for you and unsatisfied customers waiting for their ball to return. The Thimble is a must have to accompany the Red Rider rail cover.  This helps with faster ball returns and prevents rail deterioration.

Value Added Products

ZOT’s featured line of unique  Pinnacle parts and DynamiC parts stand alone as solid, proven performers over the years. The Pinnacle line includes items such as the Ball Doors which are fully welded improving durability and ensuring long lasting performance.  The Pinnacle line also includes parts such as Spotting Cups and Carpet Belts; proven performers over the years.  Our line of Dynamic parts are enhanced parts that provide superior performance.  The concentric and eccentric bearings have tight tolerances, reduce side play and have an improved groove design for better fit to the carriage tube.  The linear spring has 50% more tension right out of the bag which provides more positive tension on the distributor. The Dynamic parts line adds value to our product offering by providing mechanics, with the best product offering in the business.

Cost Saving

Making ZOT Bowling Parts your first choice of aftermarket replacement maintenance parts will always save money in the long term. Especially with “Value Added” parts which outlast products from alternative aftermarket suppliers and manufacturers.

ZOT Bowling Parts, Get Right to The Good Parts!