GlossBoss Ball Conditioner Consumables
and Maintenance Parts

Gloss Boss Background

ZOT’s GlossBoss Ball Conditioner was introduced to the bowling industry in the late 1990’s and was an immediate hit with proprietors and bowlers alike. Bowlers like the product because it enables them condition bowling balls to suit various lane conditions. They also like the conditioning aspect as it prolongs the life of a bowling ball, including the more exotic high-performance balls used by high-average and professional bowlers.

Proprietors like the product for its revenue generating capability: a machine that open and league bowlers alike insert coins or bills to condition bowling balls to one of four polish levels.

Today, both in the USA and overseas, some 20 plus years after its introduction, ZOT GlossBoss Ball Conditioners are continuing to generate profits for proprietors across the USA and Overseas.

The GlossBoss Ball Conditioner is no longer manufactured, but true to ZOT’s commitment to after sales service, ZOT continues to offer consumables and essential maintenance parts.


ZOT GlossBoss Buffing Compound is designed and formulated to condition and polish all types of bowling ball, regardless of composition. Its unique formula emulates the formula that major bowling ball manufacturers use to factory finish their product before shipping them to distributors and pro-shops. 

Maintenance Parts.

When a block of compound needs replacing it’s a good time to check the condition of the Buffing Wheel and the Air Filter. The combination of these three products will ensure the quality of the conditioning and polishing quality of the machine. ZOT’s Buffing Wheel is the longest lasting in the industry and offers a superior compound transfer to buffing wheel and bowling ball.
And, when you check the condition of the buffing wheel it’s a good opportunity to check the condition of the spacers, which are easily replaced using ZOT’s Universal Spacer Kit.

General Maintenance

The ZOT GlossBoss Ball Conditioner is not a high-maintenance product, but like any other machine, replacing worn parts and assemblies will keep the machine in tip-top condition to ensure customer satisfaction and to maximize revenue.