The Denver Colorado-based ZOT Pinsetter Parts, which was founded in 1964, is well established as a manufacturer and supplier of unique problem solving electronic and mechanical parts and assemblies for 82-30, 82-70 & 82-90 Pinspotters and ‘A’. A2 and Jetback Pinsetters—products that are frequently the preferred choice of proprietors worldwide. 

It all began in the early sixties when bowling proprietors were looking for ways and means to speed up the pace of bowling; especially league bowling. ZOT fulfilled this need with two products, a ball booster in 1964, followed a year later with the ZOT I Conversion … both designed to get the ball back to the bowler faster, resulting in a saving of 15-20 minutes for a 5-person team league. 

This was followed in 1981 with ZOT Infrared Triggering that would guarantee the machine would trigger regardless of ball speed or weight. And the introduction of ZOT Foul Detectors in 1989 with features like Infrared Technology, Alignment Indication & Self Diagnostics (to name a few), all of which pretty much set the standard by which all other brands of triggering and foul detectors are measured.

The product line continued to grow with ZOT Two-Lamp Pindeck Lights, the ZOT GlossBoss Ball Conditioner, and a catalog of hundreds of metal parts and assemblies that had been reengineered and designed to out-perform parts offered by original and other aftermarket parts manufacturers.

In March of 2017, Peter John (PJ) Rosendahl, who had been a partner and the companies General Manager for the previous four-years, became the new owner of ZOT Pinsetter Parts.

Mr. Rosendahl was instrumental in steering the company in a whole new direction when, in 2013, he introduced a unique LED Lighting and Control System that changed the way the industry thinks and markets its business. This programmable LED lighting system, called ColorSplash, provided new and existing businesses with the ability to create custom light shows comprising millions of colors for an all-new entertainment experience—thereby promoting revenue and profit.

The first product in the ColorSplash line was an LED Pindeck Light Fixture System which added special effects such as Color-Chasing, Music or Video Synchronization and virtually unlimited combinations of Ambient Colored Lighting.

But ZOT was not a company to sit still. The ColorSplash product line could easily be expanded to LED effects lighting systems over the lanes, bowler’s settee area, the concourse and other attractions found in today’s Family Entertainment Centers (FEC’s).  And, the product line is not limited to the bowling industry—it’s a perfect fit for non-bowling entertainment industries; escape rooms, laser tag, trampoline parks and the like.

While ZOT continues to market its line of unique problem-solving electronic and mechanical parts to the bowling industry, adding the ColorSplash line to its product offering has substantially opened up the product line to today’s vibrant active recreation/entertainment industry needs.

Throughout the years technicians and mechanics have relied on ZOT as a valuable resource for problem-solving products and problem-solving solutions.  From the easy questions to the most challenging questions, ZOT has proven itself as an industry leader in technical support.

ZOT technical support will put you in touch with both product designers and industry experts.  Having that kind of support just a phone call away will allow you to install ZOT parts with high confidence.  The quality of our parts is unmatched, our customer service is unmatched and our technical support is unmatched.

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